Pyroclassic Fires

Pyroclassic IV, 'A clean, green, highly efficient heating machine'.

Consumer magazine have consistently chosen the Pyroclassic IV as their number 1 top performer, it will provide you with up to 15kW of both radiant and convection heating directly into your home which is more than enough for homes up to 200-250m2 or 2500 sq feet, it can supply enough hot water for even the biggest families and will also give you a means of cooking.

With its urban-retro design that is simple and functional, the Pyroclassic comes with a selection of over 100 colours, that will blend with your home decor. You can even change the colour of your Pyroclassic if you redecorate or when you feel the need for change.

You can view this unique wood-burner at our showroom or visit for more information.